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Early Access -2015

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BEARZERKERS is the premiere bear based evisceration experience. Feed your friends to the bears in HUNT or work together to defeat their mecha army in GAUNTLET. Video games! Local Multiplayer Only.


PAX Prime 2013 was rapidly approaching, Wildgrass had a booth but the game they were working on was just not ready for the public. A month before the show a local game jam was held to the theme of "An enemy of my enemy is my friend". Here Wildgrass took the opportunity to create a subversive local multiplayer game of turning a universal enemy against your 'friends'. Pandamonium was born, PAX goers loved it and all was good.

It was decided to treat Pandamonium as a rough prototype and move forward, recreating the game from the ground up with a less shaky foundation and far more content. The new game is titled Bearzerkers, partly to separate it from the original free download, but also really to escape from a swarm of terrible pun image macros on Twitter. The new game has multiple playable characters and enemies, a large selection of maps, powerups and mode modifiers to change up every match.



Trap other players using rock walls, and activate your powerups at just the right moment on your way to killing the hell out of everyone. The end goal of HUNT is simple, be the last Critter left with the Bear. HUNT is a last person standing scenario with a variable number of bears, lives, and powerups, spread across a broad selection of open, twisting maps.


The second mode however is about moment to moment cooperation through the chaos. In GAUNTLET players must work together and use their skills in tandem to reach the end of a deliriously dangerous deathzone. Here, a single touch from any of the enemies within means death, though other players can save each other with a touch of their own. As you progress you level up and become more powerful, but with equal measure the challenge is raised. This mode is also playable alone for extra challenge.

  • Up to 4 player local multiplayer! Challenge your friends to be the last alive in the dreaded arenas of Hunt, or help them surmount the deadly obstacles in Gauntlet.
  • A plethora of match modifiers to change the game up every round.
  • Painstakingly created beautiful 3D world with a lovely hand painted art style.
  • Inappropriately kickass soundtrack and audio from local Canberra musician Tommy Gough.

Awards & Recognition

  • “The PAXpocalypse List: The Best of PAX Prime 2013” - Warpzoned.com

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The free original 48 hour prototype.

Wildgrass Boilerplate

Wildgrass strives to create a wide variety of compact experiences that are filled with memorable moments and respect for the players time. They are currently working on Bearzerkers, a local multiplayer game for PC and Console.

Wildgrass Company Press Kit


Matthew Korver

Art and Level Design, Wildgrass

Parisa Nafis

Artist, Wildgrass

Alex Short

Game and Tools Programming, Wildgrass

Tom Spratt

Technical Artist and Producer, Wildgrass

Tommy Gough

Music and Sound Design, Freelance

Anthea Wright

Character Concept Art, Freelance

James Ferguson

Concept and UI Art, Freelance

AIE Incubator

Providing Office Space and Support


Inquiries: tom@wildgrassgames.com


Website: https://wildgrass.games/

Twitter: @WildgrassGames