Based in Canberra, Australia

Founding date:
June 2013


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+61 0466399079


Wildgrass strives to create a wide variety of compact experiences that are filled with memorable moments and respect for the players time. We're currently working on Bearzerkers, a local multiplayer game for PC and Consoles.


Getting Together

Wildgrass began as a group of students who studied together throughout their second year at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Canberra Australia. Throughout 2012 they cooperated on multiple 48 hour game challenges and found out that they really enjoyed the dynamic between each other. In early 2013 during the Global Game Jam, Wildgrass created CHARGE! which gained a surprising amount of popularity through some great YouTube Let’s Plays and really solidified our ambition going into the rest of that year.

The Incubator Program

In February 2013, Matthew, Parisa, Alex and Tom began working together full time in an office space provided by the Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s Incubator program. Through this postgraduate course, they were also provided with business training and scholarships really helped coming in to work every day and make something happen. The AIE’s Incubator was a fantastic opportunity to continue to work closely together and not worry about many things externalised from development itself such as the cost of the office space itself. Wildgrass spent nearly the first 6 months of 2013 going from prototype to prototype trying to find something that would stick and feel right , most of which was covered in their monthly dev blog. After nearly 10 game attempts, each wildly different from the last; work began on a fully fleshed out action brawler set within the deranged world of CHARGE! The initial goal was to have a fun vertical slice to display at PAX Seattle in September, however as that date approached it became more and more clear that the game just wasn't ready. Then in early August another local game Jam arose, this in turn giving birth to Pandamonium. Everyone who played really enjoyed the barebones prototype so the decision was made to switch over to that as the focus for the Wildgrass booth at PAX Seattle. People loved it there too, so work began anew on recreating and expanding the concept from the ground up as ‘Bearzerkers’ the moment Wildgrass got back from the US.

Developing Bearzerkers

After leaving the Incubator Program in early 2014, Wildgrass are now co-renting a shared space within the Canberra Technology Park nearby the AIE, with fellow Incubator company Cardboard Keep. The four developers at Wildgrass are putting everything into Bearzerkers to get it finished for the PC by the end of this year. Wildgrass will be attended a number of events in 2014 to showcase it, including Gammacon in May, EB Games Expo and PAX Australia.



Our PaxPrime Mega Trailer! YouTube

Interview at EBGAMES Expo 2013 YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Warpzoned PAXPOCALYPSE- Best of PAX Prime 2013" - Pandamonium, 2013
  • "Bigworld Wargaming Indie Showcase Winner" - Pandamonium, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "“*Thumbs Up* Full Game of Pandamonium? Hell to the Yes!”"
    - Jacob Wood, IndieHangover
  • "“Just wanted to say Pandamonium was awesome, wish I had played it more”"
    - Lee Vermeulen, AlienTrap Games

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Matthew Korver

Parisa Nafis

Alex Short

Tom Spratt

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